John DiNapoli

John DiNapoli has over 30 years of leadership experience that spans both the military and civilian sectors. Throughout his career, he has commanded units of various sizes including companies, battalions, and brigades. John retired in 2016 as a Brigadier General (BG) in the NJ Army National Guard. His civilian experience is centered on healthcare, with 25 years in positions of increased responsibility to include Sales Representative, Manager, Account Director and Vice President for Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply companies. These companies include: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Marion Merrill Dow, SmithKline Beecham, MEDecision, Blistech and Medical Action Industries. John is also an Adjunct Professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey. John has developed his skills as a leader through formal training as well as real-world experience. He holds a Masters of Business Administration from Rutgers University, a Masters in Strategic Studies from The US Army War College, and a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy from Gettysburg College.

He has completed and delivered multiple Values-Based Leadership courses throughout his military career. Brigadier General DiNapoli offers a unique blend of direct leadership experience from both the military and healthcare sectors with the added benefit of classic training. His background has enabled him to teach, coach and mentor executives at various levels in diverse environments. As a helicopter pilot, John recognizes the importance of teamwork and strategic leadership to ensure that the mission is accomplished safely and effectively. As importantly, he has observed the results of poor leadership which can negatively impact an organization by affecting morale, destroying unit cohesion and ultimately compromising success. Within the healthcare industry, John has been able to apply his leadership expertise to develop the talents of subordinates, peers and even many of his superiors, helping companies reach new heights.

John’s multi-dimensional experience as a leader differentiates him from individuals who may seem to understand leadership from a distance, but are limited by a one-dimensional perspective. As a result, John is effective in developing programs that specifically enhance the leadership abilities of individuals and help them realize their full potential. For more information please feel free to contact John at